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Dolph - Classic 2 PACK Phont (Mixed)

Dolph - Classic 2 PACK Phont (Mixed)

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Legend has smoked out Christmas Eve, B-Real's ride was so hot boxed, he couldn't even find his Phuncky feel tips. But just when he was about to give up hope, a jolly old fat man appeared in the front seat and blessed him with the gift that keeps on giving...(and easy to find even through the thickest clouds of smoke!) - THE DOLPH PHUNCKY FEEL TIP! Hey, maybe it was the egg nog talking, but we want to believe! So to celebrate this supposed momentous occasion, we're releasing a VERY LIMITED drop of The Dolph as a 2 pack (as pictured - classic size 1 round and 1 flat). It's the perfect gift for that special reindeer roller in your life.

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