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Phuncky Feel Tips

Slime Time - Slugger (Round)

Slime Time - Slugger (Round)

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When it's slime time, it's time to bust out the SLIME TIME! The PHIRST of it's class - this will go down as an extremely rare and valuable collector's piece.  Our new Slugger series are masterfully crafted glass tips, hand-blown for rolls meant to be enjoyed by a few friends (or just yourself, if you're anything like B).  These tips are roughly 3 inches long and range from 17-21mm in diameter!  The Slime Time Slugger comes in a collectible Phuncky velvet pouch.  Only 50 in existence, so best of luck! SLIME! 

*Images are shown to depict front and back side of tip. Item comes with ONE Slugger tip*


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