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Phuncky Feel Tips

THE PHUNCK BOX (No. 1 - Limestone)

THE PHUNCK BOX (No. 1 - Limestone)

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Awwwww yeah! The Day is finally here ya'll! Ready, set, ROLL! Only TWELVE of these are being released for our premiere Phunck Box introduction.  And to celebrate - we've had the Dr. himself, Mr. B-Real, bless ONE of these bad boys with his personal signature.  All boxes are already packaged, so whoever ends up with the lucky box, will automatically be the winner!  This Phunck Box contains:

  • 1 Classic Limestone Phuncky Feel Tip
  • 1 Phatty Limestone Phuncky Feel Tip
  • 1 High Roller Limestone Phuncky Feel Tip
  • 1 ULTRA LIMITED EDITION Limestone Phuncky Chillum
  • 1 Rolling Tray
  • 1 Phuncky Phont Gold Snapback
  • 1 3pk of 8mm Clear Phuncky Feel Tips
  • 1 3pk of 10mm Clear Phuncky Feel Tips
  • 1 Pack of Dr. Greenthumb Rolling Papers
  • 1 Phuncky Feel Tray
  • 1 Ltd Edition Dr. Greenthumb Show Gold Pin
  • LTD Edition Green Phuncky Phont Sticker


ALL FOR ONLY $150!! 

Just our way of saying thanks to our #PhunckyPham for rockin with us all these years and making our community what it is today.  We got so much ill nana comin atcha this year, including MORE PHUNCK BOXES! So keep your eyes peeled, ears to the ground, and tips to the lips!  Happy 4/20 from Phuncky Feel Tips! 


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